Jagannath Gupta Institute of Engineering and Technology ( Top 10 Engineering Colleges In India ) came into being in the year 2004 under the aegis of Jagannath Gupta Memorial Educational Society with the intrinsic aim to harbour technical excellence in the state of Rajasthan.

Popularly known as JNIT, the Institute has emerged as a prestigious center for learning. Building on the phenomenal success of JIMS, the three well established institutes of management in Delhi, the Society is now dedicated to the pursuit of holistic education and academic excellence in the technical arena. Along with carving a niche for itself, the Society has promoted the general advancement of knowledge by igniting the cerebral dimensions of the students and by nurturing their innate talents.

Further to keep up its commitment to the society, the organization provides scholarships to deserving students so that they can translate their dreams into reality. Education for professional careers at JNIT is grounded in understanding of relevant technologies, so that the individuals are provided with the tools to continue intellectual development over a lifetime and to contribute to the needs of a changing society.

Governing Body

S No Name  of Person Capacity
1 Sh. Manish Gupta Chairman, Jagan Nath Gupta Memorial Educational Society, Delhi
2 Sh. K.N. Mathur Society Representative
3 Sh. Deepak Gupta Society Representative
4 Sh. M.M. Bhardwaj Society Representativ
5 Sh. Rajeev Arora Society Representative
6 Justice S.N. Bhargava,
Retd. Chief Justice, Sikkim High Court
7 Prof. M.K. Bhargava
Vice-Chancellor, JaganNath University
8 Prof. S. G. Modani
Professor-MNIT, Jaipur
9 Prof. M.C. Govil Nominee of DTE- Director (Ex-officio)
Prof. Y.C. Bhatt Professor