Engineering Colleges in Jaipur

Engineering Colleges in Jaipur. There are lots of engineering colleges growing like mushrooms and claiming for the best. How they are best? They are best but only with the help of hoardings, unnecessary advertising, online ads and newspaper ads. Is there any evidence of their top position? What is the actual basis of best engineering college? Nowadays we keep reading and listening that most of the engineering students are unemployed or working on very less salary. This is very sad; unfortunately the bright students have to face the worse future.

This is obvious, those students who get selected in engineering college after cracking the entrance exam, they might have been very brilliant. Then what goes wrong, they have to work on less salary. They might choose a govt. job preparation after their higher secondary but they went for engineering. Why students prepare for this entrance exam? As they want something like quality and high education. But do they really get it? No, because these educational institutes are no more for imparting knowledge these are for money making business only.

What is wrong with these institutes? If they can’t offer quality education, then why they claim that they are best. Those students who want to be engineer they should not spoil their future in such kind of colleges. They must choose the right college that leads them to a successful career. Remember your college builds your character, your career and your future. You should not choose your college with your parent’s opinion or friend’s reference. Do a deep research on it and then prepare for the entrance exam. But if you reside in Jaipur, you need not to do research as JNIT is the Engineering Colleges in Jaipur.

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    Abhay Jain

    Placed at Oracle, USA

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    Preeti Ratnawat

    Placed HPCL

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    Topped RTU 2008-12
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    Lynold P. Wilson

    Indian Army