Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are the core subjects of this department. Faculties are highly competent and the labs are well equipped. The course module is miscellaneous yet comprehensive to give intensive and practical knowledge of the subjects. The focus of the department is to equip the students with the latest know-how in these subjects as well as to use the knowledge in the present context.

Chemistry Lab

Embellished with comprehensive pH meter, conductivity meter, redwood viscometer-I, penskey- marten’s apparatus, cloud and pour point apparatus etc to conduct intensive experiments.

Environmental Lab

Equipped with Modern instruments such as U.V. spectrophotometer (200-1100nm) with PC, digital PH-meter, digital conductivity meter, Muffule furnace, digital weighing machine for performing various environmental experiments.

Physics Lab

Various experiments on optics, electrical and electronics fields are conducted with ease. Difficult experiments of optics are done with great precision in the most appropriately designed Dark room of the Physics Lab. There are in all several

experiments on the above mentioned fields, however some of the important experiments are as follows. Optics Experiments (Spectrometer, Polarimeter, Newton’s ring, Bi-prism experiment.) Electrical Experiments (Carey Foster Bridge, Geiger Muller Counter etc.) Electronics Experiments (PN- Junction Diode, Laser Experiment, Optical Fiber Experiment etc)


Mathematics is the lifeline of modern technology as it provides the base for countless innovations. The department is committed towards facilitating academic excellence as well as the professionalism. The curriculum covers intensive analytical areas like Discreet Mathematical Structure, Integral Transforms, Optimization Techniques, Numerical Analysis and Advanced Mathematics with high quality research in diverse fields.

English Language Lab

The institute is equiped with a highly sophisticated english language lab. English being the global language is taught with state of art software.
Various aspects such as grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and voice modulation are given special attention during lab sessions.