Library is run according to an Open Access System. The library has a rich collection of about 22,680 volumes of books, periodicals, reports and reference material. A separate research center subscribes to major technical journals, magazines and newspapers. Xerox, lamination and spiral binding facilities are available for students in the library itself. The institute focuses on providing maximum exposure of knowledge to students through its special facilities like e-journals and online journals. The institute adds new books to the library every year. The integral part of the institute and library is the IEEE and IETE journals.

With DELNET facility, students are given a full range of electronic as well as traditional library research facilities. The state-of the art library has procured LMS (Library Management System) for the benefit of the students. It is embellished with Wi-Fi zone. A Cluster of computer workstations are dedicated with the internet access in the library. The library also has a wide collection of Video CDs related to myriad subjects to impart information in a visually pleasing and interesting manner.

Present Site Area:
1. Library + Reading Room + Stack Area : 600 Sqft
2. Toilet
(A) Seating capacity of the library 225 Students
(B) Reprography facilities Yes
(C) Working hours of the library 8.30.AM to 8.00 PM
(D) Library Networking Yes
(E) E- Resources Lab. 10 systems
(F) Total Users of library Total students 1500
Total Faculty / Staff 150
Total Users 1650
Book facility:
  • 3 books issued on the cards from the library to all students.
  • Extra books issued to meritorious students.
  • 10 books from library to faculty
S.No. Subject Books(Volumes) Books(Titles)
1 Electronics & Communication Engineering 3401 699
2 Electronics Instrumentation & Control Engineering 2493 383
3 Electrical Engineering 336 51
4 Mechanical Engineering 4084 494
5 Computer Science Engineering 6274 1549
6 Civil Engineering 150 50
7 Chemistry 759 111
8 Physics 888 118
9 Mathematics 1845 337
10 English 940 150
11 General Books 1510 731
Grand Total 22680 4673
E-Journals (Full Text): DELNET & IEEE