The repute E-CELL (ELITE CLUB),JNIT was setup in the college by a highly esteemed organization NEN (National Entrepreneurship Network) of Wadhwani Trust.


Entrepreneur means a person who organizes and manages a commercial undertaking and Entrepreneurship is the act of being an entrepreneur, which is a French word thats mean “One Who Undertakes Innovations, Finance and Business acumen in an effort to Transform Innovations into economic goods”

Entrepreneurship Development Cell

Engineering Colleges in Rajasthan

L-Leadership through

Our Ambition


  • ➠   A DREAM That makes you touch the sky.
  • ➠   A PHANTASM that Occurs at night to fly.
  • ➠   A REVERIE imperishable.
  • ➠   And undestroyable.
  • ➠   This is JNIT and We are the ELITE’s.
  • ➠   The One Who Envisage an ERA of Entrepreneur.