About R & D Cell:-

JNIT , Jaipur is now focusing more on Research Programs and need based technology. Accordingly an independent R&D Cell has been established to promote and monitor the research Programs of the college. R & D cell is headed by a Mr. Nidhish Tiwari and supported by HODs of various departments and students . R&D cell as a advisory board with senior faculty members. The cell manages all the research Programs of the college by monitoring and coordinating the research Programs. It conducts the research review meeting to examine the quality of research being conducted by various teams. The R &D cell also recommends on the sanction of research scholarships to scholars.


The objective of R & D Cell is to promote research activities among students and faculty as well as to provide a robust platform for sharing and implementing innovative and creative ideas to facilitate exchange of information and interaction among the various research institutes and industries to develop skilled manpower in various engineering fields.

  • Promote R&D programme in newly emerging challenges in science ,technology and engineering.
  • Enhancement of knowledge, capability and a global recognition to institution.
  • Application of qualitative as well as quantitative Research technique to enhance knowledge, capability of students and faculty in relatively unexposed areas.
  • To develop research proposal for funding from DST /AICTE/MHRD.
  • Head -Research and development.
  • HODS(from each department)
  • Faculty members (from each department)
  • Student coordinators and members (2 from each department).
Goal :
  • Promotion of R&D Activities in of science and technology with special emphasis on emerging domain.
  • Motivate faculty and students to participate in Seminar/Conference/Workshop and further share his knowledge , experience with faculty and students and submission of write up to R&D cell.
  • To motivate faculty and students to present/publish Research paper in reputed national & international journals and submit a copy to R& D Cell in the institute.