The club was formed on 14th of Nov 2014 in JNIT. SAC was inaugurated by the respected Vice-Principal of JNIT, Dr. Rohit Jain.
Basic Aim


Enhancing and nourishing the telent on the student in the fields like cultural, technical, social and sports by providing a suitable platform.


About The SAC
SAC is the club which is under taken by MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. SAC has the main oblective to help students to show their capabilities in all the ways possible. Our purpose of SAC is to hold various competition, quizzes, seminars and other ex-curricular activities so that the student could engage themselves in other fields and being capable to wear the burden of studies. SAC welcome all the students irrespective of their fields,
they are pursuing. Students and staff members of JNIT who are interested in the activities of the club are invited to take the membership of SAC club of JNIT. So, if you want to do something any adventures and new for your career, come and join the club.


Technical Cultural Sports Social
Seminar Dances Indoor Game Blood Donation
Quizzes Singing Outdoor Game Camping
GD Play Athletes Speech
Workshop Talent hunt Social Works
Industrial visit Other Activities
Events visit

This is SAC, the club is fully supported by the management of JNIT and all MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT, so we are trying to explore it to a higher level. For this, we need your support and guidance too. Students who are interested in the club from any branches and year are welcomed to register in SAC.
For the registration, you have to download the registration form from the link given below. The registration fee in Rs.20/- only for the life time membership.

You can contact to the members whose names are given below for further information and any query.

Chief Coordinator of SAC

  • Mr. Ravi Kumar
  • Assistant Prof.
  • ME Dept.
  • (08442080298)

Secretary of SAC

  • Anshul Verma (9166084655)
  • SHUBHAM AGRAWAL(9636228214)
  • Vijay Singh (8824782745).