Mechanical Engineering, commonly known as, evergreen engineering discipline, deals with the design and production of machines, tools and all other mechanical equipments used in Industries. In a way, mechanical engineers are involved in creating the future. With the rapid rate of expansion in Industrial sector, the employment potential for mechanical engineers is very high. Fresh graduates find employment in the government sector like defence, organizations, atomic energy, service sector, railways, energy sector, power sector, agriculture sector, automobile, renewable sources of energy, etc. All our students find placement in Industries or admission for higher education, majority of them through campus recruitment.

The mechanical engineering department at JNIT, Jaipur is well equipped with a gamut of specialized equipment in laboratories to provide sound knowledge of the subjects by performing experiments. Rigorous workshop training in the areas of machine shop, fitting, carpentry, welding, sheet-metal and foundry etc. forms an inextricable part of the curriculum. Industrial tours are arranged to boost up the exposure of the students for application of their theoretical knowledge and practical approach.

Name of Mechanical Engineering Labs

  1. Workshop & Production Engineering Lab (well equipped by  Capstan and turret lathe, milling machines (vertical & horizontal), shaper machine, radial drilling machine, tool grinder and foundry testing equipments)
  2. Dynamics of Machines Lab
  3. Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab
  4. Material Science and Testing Lab
  5. Fluid Mechanics Lab
  6. Thermal Engineering Lab ( including multistage axial flow compressor, 4 stroke single cylinder Diesel & Petrol Engine)
  7. Finite Element Lab
  8. Computer & CAD Lab having internet on all computers with software like Auto CAD, Pro-E, SIMULATION MECHANICAL etc.
  9. Mechatronics Lab
  10. Heat Transfer Lab
  11. Fluid Machines Lab (having all types of hydraulic turbines, compressors & pumps )
  12. CAM & Robotics Lab(including CNC lathe machine)
  13. Industrial Engineering Lab
  14. Vibration Engineering Lab
  15. Project Lab

Salient Features:

  • State–of–art modern laboratories, i.e., CNC Lab, CAD Lab, Production Engineering Lab, Heat Transfer Lab, Fluid Mechanics Lab, Material Science and Testing Lab, Thermal Engineering Lab, and Dynamics of Machines Labs.
  • Working models of petrol & diesel engines as well as cut-section models of 2 and 4 stroke engines.
  • Model of demonstration chassis cut-section working of a Jeep.
  • Computerized UTM with digital display for Material Testing.
  • High resolution microscope with CCD camera to study micro structures of materials.
  • High Temperature Muffle Furnace.
  • Facility for torsion, hardness, fatigue and toughness testing.
  • Fleet of production engineering machines: Lathe, Shaper, Universal Milling, Radial Drilling, Magnet-bed Grinding Machine, Sand testing equipments, etc.
  • Pelton, Kaplan and Francis Turbines, Reciprocating and centrifugal pumps, multi-stage reciprocating and rotary compressor.
  • Availability of precision measuring equipments: Surface roughness tester, Sine bar, slip gauges, surface plate, etc.

Career Opportunities:

  • Government / PSU
  • Automobile Industries
  • Aerospace Industries
  • Core Manufacturing Industries
  • Power Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Refineries
  • Cement Industries
  • Automation Industries
  • Software Companies